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Center Koken Theme
  • Center
  • $60.00
  • Single theme download with access to all updates and our dedicated support forum.
  • 1 Koken theme
  • Access to all theme updates
  • Access to our dedicated support forum

Center Koken Theme v2.0.1

Minimal and to the point, featuring subtle and gracious animations.

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Center Koken theme
Center Koken theme for tablet and mobile
  • Light and dark skins

    Light and Dark

    The Center Koken theme comes with two pre-made color schemes, light and dark. You can easily change between the two using the built in skin selector.

  • Stunning on Mobiles and Tablets

    Looks even better on smaller devices such as mobiles and tablets, taking full advantage on the retina screens resulting in ultra crisp images.

    Center is fully responsive
  • Koken theme Settings

    Extensive Theme Settings

    Get really creative with the huge amount of theme options at your disposal. You have the ability to customize the layout, logo and colors using the individual template and global theme settings.

  • Koken Templates

    Koken comes with various templates such as sets, albums, contents, essays, pages and timeline. The Center Koken theme supports every single one.

    Center Koken theme templates
  • Center Koken theme dropdowns

    Dropdown Menus

    Center supports drop down menus for your sets which helps users easily navigate through your albums. This feature is also configurable within the theme settings.

  • EXIF Support

    You have the option to show your image EXIF metadata to your viewers, however you can easily switch this off within the theme settings.

    Center Koken theme EXIF data
  • Center Koken theme dowloads support

    Image Downloads

    If you allow your users to download your images then you're in luck because Center has full support for image downloads. Simply turn on image downloads and Center will do the rest.